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"Petalon is a family business born out of a love for two things - Bicycles and Flowers."

Started by Florence and aided by James Kennedy, who also runs a bicycle manufacturing business called Kennedy Bycicles, the couple has reflected on the idea how to make giving flowers quicker, greener, more affordable and better for everyone.

Petalon's focus with floristry is always on using flowers that are in season, interesting and of high quality rather than making generic bouquets of the maximum possible size.

Florences team creates two seasonal bouquets each week which always include a £1 donation to Capital Bee. Next to the ongoing bouquet business they work on the most beautiful customized flower creations for events and weddings and of course flower crowns play a great part in that.

Petalon are our next door neighbours, a perfect reason to collaborate with them and share our passion for flowers.

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