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House of Plants released a beautiful debut book on plant care and styling, part of which was shot at Blank100.

"We are proud to introduce our debut book ‘House of Plants’, a modern manual to help indoor plant lovers nurture, style and share their favourite houseplants. No matter how little space or experience, we hope to give inspiration to help transform your home with a selection the hardiest and most captivating plants. From bedroom to work desk, we have included only those that will thrive effortlessly in your home.With photography, illustrations and care advice covering 220 pages, we have included useful information on cacti, succulents, tropical plants and air plants, as well as styling inspiration for a broad range of our all-time favourite species such as the monstera, fiddle leaf fig and fishbone cactus. You will also find many simple projects to nurture those plants you bring home, from handmade hanging planters and tropical terrariums to organic fertiliser recipes."

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