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Supperclub 100

Check out our charmingly hosted Supper Club Event cooked for by chef Sebastian James.

Sebastian loves nothing more than sharing his food and riding his motorbikes, so if he wasn’t inviting you to enjoy some of his cooking, he’d probably invite you out for a spin.Take the food, it’s much safer and tastier. You’ll find him in his element here, whipping up a delicious selection of innovative, honest dishes.

In collaboration with BLANK100, Sebastian's energy is directed toward sharing his joy for food and rebuilding our relationship with cooking through dazzling supper clubs and revolutionary cooking courses.

About this Supperclub:

These days more and more of the food we eat is prepared by others and eaten alone. As a result we are disconnected from the food we eat and that is a tragedy. You’ve totally forgotten how intimate your relationship with food is and how much of a difference that relationship makes. Don’t you think it deserves another chance? This isn’t just a supperclub, it’s an opportunity for a little couples counselling.

Bring an open mind and expect to be taken out of your comfort zone, as you find a new appreciation of who we are and who you are. Expect a bit of a shake up while you get a chance to renew your vows and meet some other people who are in the same predicament. This is an evening of preparing and eating together in a very intimate way.

Come and join us and get a bit of spice back into your relationship.

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