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Upcoming Exhibition


6th July – 22nd July

Private View

Thursday 5th July

6pm – 8pm

Hannah Luxton’s paintings have a deceptive minimalism that belies their meticulous composition. Her use of a sparse, yet rich and readily accessible, language of motifs to evoke the natural world provides the viewer with a quiet, meditative space from which to reconnect with and reconsider the world around them.

Juxtaposed with the authority of geometry and symmetry, her paintings have an emotive core that is elemental, yet fragile and fleeting. Forms and gestures allude to the experience of the senses, and naked linen gives substance to otherwise empty space. Luxton’s paintings are worlds that slow time and activate imagination. Paradoxically, their surface textures bring an immediacy to the work that, in the same instance, resituates them as objects.

Hannah graduated from Slade School of Fine Art in 2012 and has exhibited widely in London and the UK, and internationally including the US, India and Iceland. Residency awards include The Fljotstunga Travel Farm, Iceland (2015) and the Trelex Residency, Switzerland (2013).

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Opening times: Sunday 2pm – 6pm and by appointment

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